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Passport Requirements



Senior Director of Marketing and Communications
Nov 2, 2017


Passport Requirements

Due to the cumulative number of blank visa pages required for entry by each country on Semester at Sea voyage itineraries, Semester at Sea will require voyagers to obtain or possess a fully blank standard passport prior to beginning the visa process. The standard 28 page U.S. passport contains exactly 17 blank visa pages. Those wishing to participate in Field Programs that travel to countries other than the port country (for example, Field Programs that travel from Vietnam to Cambodia), or voyagers who anticipate international travel immediately before or after their voyage,  should obtain the 52-page large passport book. Click here for information about applying for a new or renewal passport.

Semester at Sea cannot predict or guarantee how immigration will process passports in each country; however, we will always provide students with the cumulative number of blank visa pages which are stated as required for entrance by each country. It is the responsibility of each voyager to ensure that their passport will be sufficient for use throughout the voyage. Semester at Sea is not responsible for insufficient blank visa pages that may result in early departure from the voyage or the need to obtain an emergency passport while abroad.

Please ensure your review voyage specific passport information available via your anticipated voyage page and/or communicated via voyage update emails. Please email with any questions or concerns.


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