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Exploring the Isle of Wight – A Picture Story

One of the goals of Semester at Sea is to cultivate the skills necessary to aid in the experience of independent travel.¬† Many an SAS alum can proudly say, “You can drop me off in the middle of nowhere, anywhere on this planet, and not only would I make it out alive, but I’d make friends, be well fed, and have fun doing it.”

The Isle of Wight may not be the middle of nowhere, but it did offer a handful of Semester at Sea students (and a photographer) an adorable island to explore off the coast of England in which ferries, cliffs, castles, and fish and chips were the adventures of the day. Follow along in this scenic, if not daringly intrepid, picture story.

James Fowler – University of Arizona
Stephanie Patterson – University of Arizona
Zachery Hazard – California State University – Fullerton
Hannah Critchfield – University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire
Jocelyn Caturia – University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire
Tori Dahl – California Lutheran University
Amanda Palmer – Vanderbilt University

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  • Life at Sea

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