With limited resources available on the ship and many competing priorities, we advise voyagers to arrive at embarkation with a rough idea of plans for every country.

Step 1

Go inward first! Before making plans, reflect and consider your own personal preferences. Experiences designed with intention from this foundation set voyagers up for the most fun, impactful, and fulfilling experience.

Step 2

Pencil-in commitments as they are solidified. Use the planning worksheet (links to FA19 example) as a template and bring this worksheet with you to embarkation.

Step 3

Google away! Building off of steps 1 and 2, start researching, dreaming, brainstorming and budgeting! First, gather all your options. Then, prioritize.

Step 4

Connect with other like-minded voyagers.  Share your ideas and ask others for theirs. But remember, consider your personal preferences (step 1) and don’t blindly follow others.

Step 5

Lock it in! Solidify your must-see/must-do experiences before embarkation.

Step 6

Repeat steps 2-5! Arrive at the ship with your in-country planning worksheet and a rough outline for each country. It’s okay to have some holes, but be prepared to discuss your plan with voyage leadership at the start of the voyage.