Plan Ahead!

With limited resources available on the ship and many competing priorities, we advise voyagers to arrive at embarkation with a rough idea of plans for every country.

Step 1:  Go inward first! Before making plans, reflect and consider personal preferences (Nature or city? Beach or mountains? A lot of people or a few people? Being spontaneous or sticking to a plan? etc.). Experiences designed with intention from this foundation set voyagers up for the most fun, impactful, and fulfilling experience.

Step 2.  Use the in-country planning worksheet as a template (FA18 example). Students and Faculty: start by penciling in required Field Classes to plan around. (Do not make any independent travel plans the same day as a Field Class.)

Step 3.  Building off of steps 1 and 2, start researching, dreaming and brainstorming! (Thinking about adventure travel? Make sure you know the exclusions and limitations of the SAS-provided Comprehensive Travel Health Insurance before making plans.) ​

Step 4. Connect with other like-minded voyagers. However, every voyager should take ownership over their own planning and should not blindly trust others. Do not take-on the travel coordinator role for others.

Step 5. Book any must-see/must-do experiences before embarkation.

Step 6.  Arrive at the ship with a rough outline of plans for each country. Be prepared to complete and submit an independent travel form prior to each port that is used in case of emergency.