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What's Included?


The cost of the voyages is dependent upon room style preference and other programming or events that are of interest. Lifelong Learners have the option to choose from six different cabin styles for the extent of the voyage. Other amenities are also included with the cost.


Access to the gym, pool and other onboard amenities is included with the cost of cabins and fees.


Voyagers are provided with three meals per day while on the ship.

Travel to Destinations

Over the course of the semester the ship transports all voyagers to over 10 unique destinations around the world. Voyage itineraries provide more information regarding specific ports and locations.

Access to Courses & Field Classes

As a Lifelong Learner, access to audit certain courses and participate in corresponding field classes is included in the fees. The course list availability and catalogue is announced prior to each voyage.

Other Expenses

Additional expenses may be incurred while voyaging with the Lifelong Learners program and should be taken into consideration before sailing.

Other costs include:

• Overnight stay prior to embarkation
• Flights to embarkation/from debarkation
• Travel visas
• Field Programs
• Textbooks
• Any appropriate vaccinations
• Between-meal food & beverages while on board
• Laundry
• Independent travel
• Port Services Fees (if applicable)
Fuel Surcharge (if applicable)