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MV World Odyssey Grand Unveiling

Michael Segal, chairman of the board of ISE, christens the MV World Odyssey, Semester at Sea’s new floating campus.

Crowding the docks of the Queen Elizabeth II Terminal in Southampton, nearly 300 students, parents, and alumni gathered for the Fall 2015 Grand Unveiling of the MV World Odyssey Saturday evening.

The crowd of 300 attendees made up of alumni, current voyage students and parents, anxiously await the unveiling of the MV World Odyssey

As Michael Segal, Chair of the Board of ISE, proudly announced, the MV World Odyssey will serve as the sixth traveling campus for the 119th voyage of Semester at Sea.

The crew of the MV World Odyssey watched the ceremony from the ship’s Lido deck.

Along with a welcoming to the crowd below, Segal also welcomed back the ship’s crew, of which 90% have served on previous voyages. He offered them many thanks for their indispensable support for Semester at Sea.

Michael Segal (L) and Captain Kostas Siamantis (R), gave statements praising the new ship.

Together with the ship’s Captain Kostas Siamantis, Segal revealed the ship’s name emblazoned on its side to a cheering crowd. And as tradition holds, Segal concluded the unveiling with the smashing of a champagne bottle upon the MV Odyssey’s bow.

The banner dropped to reveal the ship’s new name, the World Odyssey, on her bow.
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