Parent and Family Travel Program

Parent and family trips are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for parents and family members to experience Semester at Sea alongside their voyager.

Parent and family trips are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for parents and family members to experience Semester at Sea alongside their voyager.

As part of our commitment to lifelong learning, Semester at Sea offers unique group travel opportunities for parents, family members, and friends of SAS voyagers. These programs combine educational forums and excursions to places of historical and cultural interest with the opportunity to immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of a new culture alongside your SAS voyager. Previous parent and family trips have explored China, Thailand, Vietnam, Peru, Egypt, South Africa, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Turkey.

Upcoming Voyages

Fall 2023

Fall 2023

September 09 — December 22

Belgium Greece India Jordan Malaysia Malta Morocco Spain Thailand United Arab Emirates Vietnam

Spring 2024

Spring 2024

January 05 — April 20

Germany Ghana India Kenya Malaysia Mauritius Morocco Portugal South Africa Thailand

Before embarking on my SAS journey I had no idea just how intense college courses would be. I am so grateful that I decided to do this program before entering my first year of college. It really provided me with an idea of what to expect in the fall.

My experiences prepared me for life, not just for college. After SAS, I was academically, socially and emotionally more than ready for college…I realized several aspects of my personality, and during SAS, my true personality showed up, and I was exposed to a whole new spectrum of myself…I loved it so much that I came back for another voyage, and I’m positive that I will sail again in future, not just once, but multiple times. MV Explorer is home for me.

One of the most valuable things I took away from my experience was the relationships I made aboard the MV Explorer, some of which I continue to connect with. They were all current college students, and offered me great advice when I began my freshman orientation during the fall after my summer voyage.

We learned a lot [about] how to live with others who are completely different [from each other] and still have respect and a lot of fun together and still hold our friendship until this day.

On SAS, I had the opportunity to feel a bond and closeness with people with whom I wouldn’t have otherwise had a connection. I learned about their lives, their children’s lives, their daily struggles, their most significant times of joy and began to really care. As I traveled, I became more connected not only to the people I met, but all people everywhere. We are all the same and every human life is important.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I pack?

Each trip will have different needs, but the golden rule of traveling is to always pack light for more freedom and less hassle. Often times we are taking an in-country flight or transferring hotels, so packing light and bringing smaller luggage is highly encouraged to make it a stress-free experience. It’s recommended to bring sunscreen, hat, layered clothing, sneakers, camera and chargers/converters. As always, leave expensive jewelry and flashy items at home – safety first.

What is the average group size?

We typically have 40 participants (parents and their voyagers), but we may occasionally have a slightly larger group. Two Semester at Sea home office staff members travel with the group as well.

Who can participate?

While Semester at Sea Parent and Family Trips are designed primarily for parents and family members of voyagers, we welcome extended family and friends who wish to experience educational travel.

Are there age or physical fitness restrictions?

We welcome trip participants over 10 years of age to join us. While there is no maximum age, all participants must be physically fit, active, and in good health. Certain itineraries are better suited for families, and we encourage you to reach out to a Semester at Sea staff member to inquire about your own personal needs. Please refer to the program brochure for trip-specific requirements.
Any condition that requires special medical attention or assistance must be reported at the time a reservation is made. The individual trip brochures will provide specific details on the rigors of individual trips. If you have concerns about your ability to participate, please feel free to call us.

Are there payment plans?

We do not offer payment plans for the Parent and Family Trips at this time. Full payment is required upon registering for the trip. You may use a credit card or mail a check (specific payment details are listed in each trip).