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Podcast Episode 1: Author Diana Urban and Dr. Sasha Steensen Discuss, “Lying in the Deep” A Semester at Sea-Inspired Thriller!

On the first-ever episode of our News from the Helm Podcast, we take listeners on a journey to discuss a thrilling new novel with close ties to Semester at Sea, Lying in the Deep!

Lying in the Deep is a young adult fiction novel by Diana Urban recently released this May! It is a thrilling mystery full of jealousy, love, betrayal, and murder– all set on a Semester at Sea-inspired voyage!

Joining us for this discussion are two remarkable individuals who lend their insights and expertise to unravel the intricacies of Lying in the Deep. First, we have the talented author herself, Diana Urban, whose captivating storytelling has enthralled readers across the globe. Accompanying her is Dr. Sasha Steensen, a full professor of English at Colorado State University, renowned for her deep understanding of literature and dedication to fostering literary discussions.

During the podcast, Diana Urban and Dr. Sasha Steensen embark on an enlightening conversation, delving into the depths of Lying in the Deep and unpacking its various elements. Listeners are treated to an intimate exploration of the novel’s themes and influences, gaining a deeper understanding of the author’s creative process and the significance of her storytelling choices, including what drew her to Semester at Sea as a source of inspiration for this novel.

Diana’s writing process is unveiled as she shares her experiences in crafting a young adult novel that resonates with readers of all ages. From the initial spark of inspiration to the challenges faced along the way, Urban provides invaluable insights into her journey as a writer and the unique world she has created in Lying in the Deep.

As we sail through the waves of this engaging conversation, listeners are bound to be inspired, enlightened, and eager to dive into the depths of “Lying in the Deep.” So, tune into this literary voyage, and let the mesmerizing narrative of Diana Urban’s novel whisk you away to a world of secrets, suspense, and self-discovery!

About the Podcast

Semester at Sea’s News from the Helm Podcast serves as a window into the incredible experiences, inspiring stories, and thought-provoking insights shared by alumni, students, faculty, and staff who have been impacted by Semester at Sea!

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