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Rawr! A Fascinating Day at The Antwerp Zoo

Iain Campbell, professor of Modern Evolutionary Theory, prepares his students for their field lab at one of the oldest zoos in the world — Antwerp Zoo. This field lab will be led by a staff zoologist, educating students’ knowledge of the evolutionary process while also leading students into specific exhibits to further understand the diversity of species.
Students make their way through the streets of Antwerp on foot, observing the unique architecture before arriving at the Zoo, which is located behind Antwerp’s Central Train Station.

Dr. Harry Schram, staff zoologist, guides students through the entrance of Antwerp Zoo, providing information about its history and commitment to animal conservation. Dr. Schram has been familiar with this zoo since childhood, when his family held annual passes to the zoo in order to use the paths as a shortcut through the city. This familiarity is what led him into his passion for this zoo today.
Two sleeping lions are visible to Campbell’s class, while the mother and newborn cub are being quarantined indoors.
While leading the students through the penguin exhibit, Dr. Schram provides fast facts about these birds as students observe their playful behavior.

Sean Saadat of George Mason University overlooks the elephant exhibit among the rest of his classmates.

Iain Campbell and his students are given the opportunity to view the fossils of one of the majestic creatures just witnessed — the elephant. With information provided by Dr. Schram, students learn that elephants have very similar metatarsal structure to other mammals with multiple toe structures.
Jalil Bishop of Dartmouth College stops to observe the alligators among the rest of the reptilian and bird exhibits students were led through. Among these alligators were frogs and exotic bird species, such as the flamingo.

Jacquelyn Schoenherr of U of Hawaii Comm College and Jamie Dow of Texas A & M University snap quick photos of the reptilian life of the tree frog and bearded dragon.
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