Diversity & Inclusion

FAQ: Gender Inclusive Housing

Can I request a single room as a gender inclusive assignment?

Due to very limited cabin capacity on the ship, there are no single student cabins available. Students who feel there is a medical need for a single cabin can be connected to the voyage medical team to make this request. Please contact the Director of Student Life at to be connected to the medical team.

How will roommate pairings be made?

It is expected that most participants will have a specific individual in mind to live with and mutual roommate requests will be honored when possible, regardless of gender, as long as both parties are requesting the same cabin type. For those interested in a gender inclusive cabin who do not have a specific roommate in mind, please contact the Director of Student Life, Laura Roth, to discuss cabin placement. She can be reached at or (970) 491-8806.

Will others know that I am in a gender inclusive cabin?

The primary purpose of gender inclusive cabins is to provide support to students who need or request accommodations due to gender identity and expression. Semester at Sea will not ask for more information than is required to meet students’ needs. Disclosed private information is confidential and will only be shared with those who have a need to know.

If I am assigned to a gender inclusive cabin and no longer want that option, can I change?

If you requested to live in a gender inclusive cabin and want to opt out of this option before the voyage begins, please contact Laura Roth at to discuss options. If you want to request a cabin change after the voyage has begun, you need to work with the Dean of Student Life on the voyage. Please know there is a standard cabin freeze period of at least two weeks at the beginning of each voyage. During this period, there will be no cabin changes. If a roommate leaves the cabin, Semester at Sea may not be able to continue to designate this cabin as gender inclusive and someone of the same gender identity as noted on their passport may be placed in the cabin.