Tutu Ubuntu Scholarship

Amount: $30,000
Voyages: Spring

Must be a current undergraduate student that graduated from a high school located in an African Country.

  • Spring 2022 Deadline: August 4, 2021

This scholarship has been created in the legacy of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, as a means to award deserving students with the opportunity to promote his message of forgiveness, empowerment and peace.

Spring 2022 Deadline: August 4, 2021

Meet Levix Aloo, our first Ubuntu scholar who sailed on the Spring 2019 Voyage!

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“I was born in the Kibera slum of Nairobi and grew up with a single parent from a very, very humble background. We couldn’t pay for primary or high school, and I had to find scholarships and missionaries to support my education. There were times when we were homeless or nearly homeless, and I had to work very hard for everything that I have done in my life. ——- I found out about Semester at Sea and was quite curious about it, but the real question was how I could pay for it. I discovered the Desmond Tutu Ubuntu scholarship and thought maybe it was possible. I didn’t know about the Ubuntu philosophy because it is from the South African tradition, so I read up on it and I realized that we have a similar word in Swahili. —— That’s when I realized that my whole life is full of Ubuntu. From my kindergarten and free education, it is Ubuntu. From my experience of high school payments from a foundation, it is Ubuntu. From the kindness of counselor officers helping with my visas, it is Ubuntu. Nothing but Ubuntu. I am here today from hard work and perseverance, but also from the kindness of others. From Ubuntu. —– This voyage was the first time I ever stepped outside the border of Kenya so you can imagine how eye-opening this experience has been for me. I have never been in an elevator. I have never used a Western shower. I have never been to an airport. I have never seen the ocean. This voyage is the first time in my life that I have been sure of having 3 meals a day. I have learned so much from my Semester at Sea family. Everything has been amazing. I am very grateful for all of the people who’ve contributed to my journey. I am so thankful for the spirit of Ubuntu.” Our first ever Ubuntu scholar, Levix Aloo, shares his incredible journey from Kenya to the MV World Odyssey. . . . . #SemesteratSea #SASsp19 #StudyAbroad #Scholarship #DesmondTutu #Ubuntu #SouthAfrica

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