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Semester at Sea in the Newsroom: Understanding Global Media

How does news differ from country to country? What is the process of publishing like for the staff of Irish newspapers, television and radio? Students in Professor Rodney Huey’s International Mass Media & Global Mass Communications class got the chance to find out all this and more on a recent field lab to the offices of The Irish Times, a national newspaper, and RTE, national radio and television. Follow along with their exciting day in this fun photo essay.

Launched in 1859, The Irish Times is the second largest and arguably the most prestigious newspaper in all of Ireland. It is considered Ireland’s newspaper of record. Receiving tours of the paper is rare, but the students of Professor Rodney Huey’s Global Media course were fortunate to receive these high honors.

Top: Shelby Thorlacius, a communications art student from University of North Dakota, delves into the front-page section of the paper.
A handful of editors from The Irish Times gave the F12 students a step by step tour of how their newspaper is researched, edited, and created. From the instantly accessible and consistently updating reports on the most-viewed online articles, to the interactive media available to The Irish Times internet viewers, the students learned about the advances in and obstacles of delivering an online version of a paper.
Owned by a trust, The Irish Times is able to remain wholly independent, free from the perceived influence often found in papers owned by media magnates.

Raidio Teilifis Eireann (Radio, Television of Ireland) is one of Ireland’s premier broadcasting companies. Half private, half public (they receive 50% of their funds from the taxpayer), RTE has been in the radio business since 1926 and TV since 1961.

Ray Burke, chief news editor of RTE, spent time with Prof Huey’s students answering their many questions.
Professor Huey’s Global Media class was fortunate to witness many of RTE’s inner-workings. The students stand quietly in the background of the control room as the RTE team scrambles to assemble a the live newscast (top) and have a chance to sit behind the newsdesk (middle & bottom).
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