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Semester at Sea Voyage Packing Tips

Preparing to pack for your voyage may seem like a daunting task, but words to live by are: lay out everything that you think you need, put back half, and then pack what’s left. The bottom line: come prepared, but travel lightly. Your belongings (including the luggage itself) are stored in your cabin. Keep this in mind when you are deciding between a huge suitcase or a soft-sided duffle on wheels (the latter is a great choice).

Please note that there is a limit of 2 pieces of luggage, plus one carry-on per person.

This video provides tips and suggestions, but is not an exhaustive list. The full Semester at Sea suggested packing list can be viewed here. It is recommended you pack one duffle full of clothes, and the other full of toiletries and medicines. For electronics, school supplies and miscellaneous necessities, those are safest in your carry-on (we recommend a backpacking backpack).

Note: Be sure to view the Semester at Sea list of prohibited items and read it carefully before packing.

Other things to consider:

Abby Schrader, Fall 2016:

  • “Liquid hand soap (none was provided on the ship)

  • More hand sanitizer (so helpful in port!)

  • $50 USD in each currency to get you started

  • Waterproof watch”

Abby Schrader, Fall 2016

Allison Vognild, Fall 2015:

  • Ever-so-important Clif bars!! These were life-savers and cannot be bought in other countries.

  • Packets of PB- Seriously, the stories are true that PB runs out. I took these with me in port too since they traveled well and also made a good snack!!

  • Extra-long charging cords- with only 2 charging ports, you might be stuck with the outlet across the cabin. I was so thankful I had long charging cords so I could use my devices in my bed and since extension cords are not allowed.

  • Ear plugs- ships make the most random sounds all hours of the day. Having earplugs helped me sleep and not have to wake up every time I heard a random thud or cling outside of our cabin!!!

  • A retractable dog leash/Clothes pins- I got this tip from past SASers. Doing most of my laundry in my cabin and there was only a tiny clothes line. This was a life-saver because my roomie and I could double or triple the amount of laundry we could line dry in our cabin!”

Allison Vognild, Fall 2015

Rebecca Hall:

  • “Eyemask

  • Small throw blanket

  • Selfie stick

  • Photos from home

  • Small calendar

  • Multiple copies of important documents

  • Dry shampoo (best way to conserve water)”

Rebecca Hall

 Valerie Ong, Spring 2015:

  • “Adapters

  • Convertible cargo pants

  • The most important thing is to go to sea with an empty heart because you’ll need all the space you can get to fill it up with so much SAS love!

Valerie Ong, Spring 2015

When you’re all packed and ready to go, carry your luggage once around the block – if you don’t make it back you should probably take some things out.

Best of luck and happy sailing!

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