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Student Photo Gallery: Argentina and Brazil

Buenos dias y bom dia. After nearly two weeks at sea, students were eager to break free of the MV Explorer and explore all that Argentina had to offer. For five days they walked the avenues of Buenos Aires, visited the grave of Eva Peron in the elaborate Recoleta Cemetery, enjoyed dozens of local empanadas and, for some, explored the beauty of Patagonia. Then, after a short jaunt at sea, the shipboard community arrived in Rio de Janeiro for a week in Brazil. Many took off for the Amazon, while others explored Rio and then Salvador, the second port in Brazil’s Bahia region. Here are some student photos from the Fall 2013 voyage’s time spent in South America.

A riverboat sails up the Amazon River at sunset. Photo by Daniel Loisi of Univ. of Iowa
Residents of the Amazon cut down bamboo that they will use in their homes or to sell. Photo by Brian McGuffog of New York University
Waterlogged (and submerged) boats along the river in Brazil’s Amazon. Photo by Cody Varela of Pace University
A local painter in Buenos Aires’ La Boca neighborhood captures the essence of the tango as well as other part of Argentina’s culture. Photo by Dani Ferraro of Univ. of Miami
Photo at left: A cup of mate, the national drink of Argentina (and neighboring countries) with is an infusion prepared with yerba mate leaves. It has been drunk since Pre-Colombian times by the indigenous people. Photo at right: A fisherman uses his hook to open to the mouth of his latest catch: a piranha of the Amazon. Photos by Aylin Ozyigit of Penn State University
A Brazilian favela (a very over-populated poor community in Brazil’s cities) as seen from just under the lights of the MV Explorer. Photo by Ashley Lushinsky of Univ. of North Dakota
La Boca is considered one of the most picturesque neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. In the late 1800s it was the city’s harbor where many European immigrants lived upon their arrival in Argentina. Photo by Bryan Cargill of Univ. of Oregon
The pink dolphin, also known as Amazon river dolphin or boto, lives only in freshwater rivers and is found throughout much of Brazil’s Amazon. Photo by Carly Davidson of Ithaca College
An accordion player practices his instrument on a street in Buenos Aires’ La Boca neighborhood. Photo by Sarah Bond of Penn State Univ.
The beaches in Rio de Janeiro were packed with families and sunbathers during the “Dia da Consciencia Negra” or Black Consciousness Day celebrated on Nov. 20, the day the MV Explorer arrived in Rio, to acknowledge the history of slavery in the country. Photo by Mary True of Culinary Institute of America
Many of the buildings, and even the walls, throughout Rio de Janeiro, were painted wonderfully vibrant colors. Photo by Monica Scroggin of Florida Gulf Coast University
Christ the Redeemer is captured in a student’s sunglasses during a visit to the statue. Photo by Ashley Lushinsky of Univ. of North Dakota
The mountains of Patagonia almost seem Photoshop’d into this image captured during a student’s trip to the area in Argentina. Photo by Ryan Tibbitts of Univ. of Colorado-Boulder
Photo at left: A toucan tries to take a sip from a student’s waterbottle. Photo at right: Looking over a lake in Argentina’s Patagonia. Photo left by Jackie Robertson of Boston Univ.  Photo right by Kaitlyn Squanda of Alma College
The falls of Iguazu in Brazil. Photo by Shari Kulberg of Univ. of the Pacific
A foggy day in Brazil’s Amazon. Photo by Kaitlyn Squanda of Alma College
Photo at left: The streets of Salvador were marked by colorfully painted buildings and cobblestone-like streets reminiscent of Portugal. Photo at right: The Bonfim church, in Salvador, Brazil, is famous for its colorful “wish ribbons” that are tied by local and foreign visitors along the gates of the church. Photo at left by Laura Pastores of Westminster College. Photo at right by Kacey Montana of Plymouth State Univ.
Rio de Janeiro, and the mouth Guanabara Bay, as seen at sunset from the gondola heading to Sugarloaf Mountain. Photo by Cody Rappaport of Univ. of Oregon
Sunrise along Brazil’s Rio Negro in the Amazon. Photo by Trevor Fairbank of San Diego State Univ.
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