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Student Photo Gallery: Ghana

At about the size of the state of Minnesota, Ghana is the third smallest country on the Spring 2013 Voyage itinerary.  Yet for many students, this West African country may have been one of the most transformative.  Below is a collection of photos taken by the shipboard community during our five days in Ghana.

Handprint on the wall of Torgorme Village outside of Accra.  Photo by Mackenzie Enich, University of Montana.
As commonly seen throughout Ghana, these women at the Tafi Atome Village carry logs on their heads.  Photo by Cassie Carte, Sonoma State University.
Fishing village outside of Cape Coast Castle.  Photo by Hanna Brown, University of Kentucky.
The view of the beach at Cape Coast Castle where many African slaves where kept, traded, and shipped.  Photo by Andi Morris, University of Wisconsin РMadison.
One of the last views in Africa for many departing slaves.  Photo by Mackenzie Enich, University of Montana.
Coast Castle. ¬†Photo by Katie O’Brien,¬†Quinnipiac University. ¬†(Right) West African Kpanlogo drums snug in their colorfully woven bags. ¬†Photo by Brendan Poutier,¬†Oxnard College.
Sarah Cady looks down 130 ft. as she prepares to take the first step into the Canopy Walk above the rainforest of Kakum National Park.  Photo by Sarah Cady, University of San Diego.
Staring contest with Ghanaian children.  Photo by Jacqueline Kelly, Chapman University.
Students hold onto the one of the seven bridges that make up the Canopy Walk at Kakum National Park.  Photo by Alix Grossman, University of Maryland РCollege Park.
Photo by Hanna Brown, University of Kentucky.
Students explore the Nzulezu Water Village in canoes.  Photo by Danny Askew, Unreasonable Media.
City of Refuge is an organization that works with children that have been trafficked, orphaned, or abandoned. Photo by Anne Gaslin, University of St. Thomas.
(Left) Woman preparing breakfast at the Tafi Atome Village.  Photo by Alix Grossman, University of Maryland РCollege Park.  (Right) Two-year- old takes comfort in the arms of Alex Smith of Virginia Tech at the Heritage Academy in Mankessim, Central Region.  Photo by Ashley Krieger, University of Alabama РTuscaloosa.
Children play the universally popular game of soccer at Busua Beach.  Photo by Cory McDonald, Photo by Cory MacDonald, University of Colorado Boulder.
Photo by Elizabeth Beardsley, University of Colorado РBoulder.
Newly-hatched sea turtles make their way to the surf at Cape Three Points.  Photo by Alan Sheiner, University of Arizona.
Photo by Dana Drake, Cabrini College.
Child looking through a window at Torgome village.  Photo by Samantha Steindel-Cymer, Moorpark College.
Man sleeps at an abandoned train outside the Port of Takoradi.  Photo by Brendan Poutier, Oxnard College.
Elder at Cape Coast Castle.  Photo by Kirkwood MacDonald, University of Colorado РBoulder.
Artist’s wares for sale at Oasis Beach. ¬†Photo by Rhiannon Hainds,¬†University of Denver.
Photo by Dana Drake, Cabrini College.

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