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Summer 2013 Sea Olympics

On June 30th, Semester at Sea students, faculty, staff, Life Long Learners, and ship kids engaged in the thrice-annual Sea Olympics. Competitors battled each other in challenges ranging from Dodgeball to Sudoku and events designed to test everything from endurance and strength, to spelling and problem solving. At the end of the day, there could be only one winner, and the Adriatic Sea left with top honors.

Misha Zimmerman, an English major at the University of Colorado Boulder, draws her team mascot, a turtle, on the face of one of her deckmates in the Mediterranean Sea.
The Yellow Sea prepares for a day of fun and competition with a team meeting, pep talk, and cheer.
Each Sea is responsible for creating its own banner, which is then judged by a panel.
Lauren Featherstone, a Business Administration major at the University of Oregon, competes in the multi-part relay race by blowing a ping pong ball from a cup full of water into an empty one.
Professor Stephen Arata performs admirably in front of a group students and faculty during the Pull-Up competition.
Dodgeball was one of the most popular events of the day, won in the end by the Faculty, Staff and Life Long Learner team.
Nathanael Nelson throws scissors, defeating his opponent and garnering first place for the Maritime Minis in Rock Paper Scissors.
Students take part in the Knock Out competition, an elimination challenge that tests competitors free throw abilities.
The relay race portion of the Sea Olympics tested students in a number of areas, including Sudoku puzzle solving.
Participants jostle and crowd each other as they try to find a seat during a game of Musical Chairs.
During a game of limbo, Henry Matthews, a Psychology major at the University of Virginia, is photographed moments before falling.
Brian Hunt grits his teeth in pain and determination during a 'Toilet Sit' competition where competitors must stay in a squatting position as long as possible.
Phoebe Roberts high fives Semester at Sea students after a synchronized swimming performance by the Maritime Minis.
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