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The Shipboard Community Is Alive With Talent

Written by: Robbie Cook and Ally O’Connenll (Students)

The lights drop, the music fades, and a single spotlight illuminate the Union. On stage walks Ryan Olsen, a mic and and an iPad 2 in his hands. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Semester At Sea Summer 2011 Talent Show has begun. The entire room, filled to capacity, burst into applause. In traditional fashion, the show began with the onboard SAS kids. There were some amazing little musicians and an adorable yoga demonstration, but the highlight of the SAS Junior section had to be every lady‚Äôs favorite, Nate Kahn. This eight-year-old heartthrob and his two friends, Noah French and Alexi Byerly sang and danced to the Justin Bieber chart topper, Never Say Never. Not only did Nate sing the Bieber part, but screams were heard all over the ship as he took over Jaden Smith’s rap section as well. What followed was an array of mainstream and unconventional acts and talents.

One group of twenty students performed a traditional Middle Eastern belly dance. Perhaps the most notable dancers in the group were the two men, who fully participated, outfit and all. Leilah Feinstein, the student who choreographed the belly dance also performed a solo act and was crowned winner of the evening, and walked away with a gift card to the SAS store.

Along with the belly dance, the shipboard community was serenaded by several solo acts on the piano, guitar, and ukulele. Every act was performed with passion and met with equally passionate applause. Several students took the extra step and wrote original material to perform for the ship. Matty Seabass wrote, sang, and played his original, beautiful ballad. Shane Sims also impressed the audience by writing and performing first, the theme to the movie UP! Followed by his original piece on the piano.

Also on the piano, taking third place, Chinese exchange student Yun (Nancy) Tang performed Chopin’s Fantasy Impromptu flawlessly.

On the other side of the spectrum, the audience had the opportunity to experience more untraditional, unusual acts. ¬†A group of students, named “Legen performed a karaoke version of Bohemian Rhapsody. What was interesting about this group was that they are “famous” among the students for “suiting up.” They wear thrift store, mismatched 80s suits when they go out on the town. Appropriately, they were dressed to the nines for their performance in the Talent Show.¬† After the karaoke session, two students, Austin Katz and 2nd place winner Anny Miner, each performed their own Slam Poetry pieces. The entire room was stunned and delighted by the power and presence of these two performers. One student, Rusty Hampton, spittin’ an original rap to his newfound love, engaged the entire room in a call and repeat of “Keep Fallin’ and Fallin.’ Bringing the show some maturity, a group of life long learners and faculty named “Ocean’s Six” performed a rendition of “MOTHER” led by the ever charming Marvin Feld a Lifelong Learner this summer.

The night came full circle when the students watched the children dance on stage while the judges deliberated. The anticipation was palatable; so thick you could cut it even with one of the always-dull Garden Lounge knives. The performers bit their nails as Ryan walked on stage with the envelope. Once announced, the students erupted in applause and everyone felt at ease with the results. The night of good, clean, family fun, uniting the shipboard community once again, came to an end.¬† The Union’s crowds quickly dissipated as the students rushed to their cabins to put the final touches on their Global Studies papers (or to start them).

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