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The Spring 2013 Sea Olympics!

With endless team spirit, top-notch competitors, and some hilarious antics, the Spring 2013 Sea Olympics did not disappoint. The various “Seas” (residence groups living on the same hall) joined together to compete in a number of high-intensity events– from tug-of-war to the backwards spelling bee. In a new twist, the day also included a ship-wide relay race that took the competition to a whole new level as teams hurried around the ship completing tasks at seventeen different stations. At the end of the day, all of the teams were winners in their own right, though it was members of the Caribbean Sea who took home the bragging rights as Sea Olympic champions.

Dana Drake of Cabrini College looks on as her Caribbean Sea teammates compete in dodge ball.
Students kick off the Sea Olympics on the starboard court with a serious game of dodge ball.
Life Long Learner, Rachel Bassett, participates in one of the more unique games in the Sea Olympics: The Eastern Toilet Squat. The incredible round of endurance squatting lasted over 40 minutes, with a slightly fatigued Bassett eventually claiming the victory.
After weeks of practice, students compete against each other in an intense and impressive pull-up competition.
In one of the most anticipated moments of the Sea Olympics, Professor Ed Sobey is cheered on by onlookers as he competes in the pull-up competition. Professor Sobey did 22 pull ups (but only 19 were officially accepted), the second best score of the competition.
Kevin Moore, a member of the “LunaSea” team (made up of staff, faculty, family members, and Life Long Learners) prepares to bump the volleyball during a heated competition against the Persian Gulf (formerly the “Arabian Sea” until students voted to change the name).
The flags representing each of the Seas, which were presented during the Opening Ceremonies the previous night, hang on display in Tymitz Square.
Todd Matsumoto of the University of Colorado Boulder celebrates a hard fought win after he and his teammates melted a frozen t-shirt using only their body heat.
The Mediterranean Sea team competes in a hula hoop competition (passing the hoop around the circle) as the other Seas look on.
Huw Rees-Jones and Ed Hickson get the crowd laughing during the Last Comic Standing competition.
Deans Tom Jelke, Sharon Hostler, and Craig Hauser are highly entertained as they serve as judges for the Last Comic Standing competition.
Defying gravity and impressing all the onlookers, the very bendy Alix Grossman of the University of Maryland competes in the limbo competition.
Pulling with all their might, Andrew Bakhtiari and the rest of his Caribbean Sea teammates give the opposing team some serious competition during the tug-of-war.
Jim Finley of the Aegean Sea cheers on his fellow teammates during the Olympic events.
Although the pool had to be closed due to the rocking seas, that didn’t stop the synchronized swimming teams from performing their routines for the judges. Here members of the “LunaSea” team show off their moves outside of the water.
Jumping over his fellow teammates, Jasper Ramsey does an exceptional job in the Leap Frog leg of the relay race.
Grace McLaughry And Allie Weber hurry to complete a sudoku puzzle as part of the Sea Olympics relay.
Carefully balancing a ping pong ball on a spoon, Natalie Brown serves as a “propeller,” racing up the stairs to the next stop of the relay race.
Baltic Sea teammates, Nate Allred and Jeremy Fryd, try to stack a house of cards during the relay. This particular task proved especially difficult on a ship that both rocks and vibrates.
Professor Armin Rosencranz of Stanford University surprises the crowd (especially the Archbishop!) when he appears in a blue wig and a dress, singing “Mercedes Benz” by Janis Joplin.
Laura Zazueta and Steven Brown (dressed like Aladdin and Jasmine, respectively) earn high points for their lip sync rendition of “A Whole New World.”
Student teams celebrate together on the stage of the Union after the winning teams of the 2013 Sea Olympics are announced.

All photos by Danny Askew, Unreasonable Media

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