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Spring 2020 Voyage: Mauritius Update



Senior Director of Marketing and Communications
Feb 27, 2020

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Spring 2020 Voyage: Mauritius Update

We were pleased to share with the shipboard community today that the port agent and authorities in Port Louis, Mauritius have indicated that it is likely that we can change our technical stop on February 29 into a regular port call. This means that the shipboard community may be able to go ashore that day. Voyagers would disembark around 0800 and on-ship time will be 1900.

We are, as always, considering the best options to continue the voyage and academic program. While our earlier messages with our Mauritius partners indicated that we could also be denied entry into Mauritius after the restrictions on cruise ships in Seychelles, it now seems likely that Port Louis may allow us to go ashore for at least a day. Therefore, Captain Kostas has asked if berths are available after that day in Port Louis, as we believe that if they let us disembark on the 29th, they may then allow us to also return for an extended port stay from March 4-7. If this option materializes, due to berth availability, we would need to be at sea from March 1-3. As this is not confirmed, we also continue to work with our in-country partners and port agent to maintain our Mozambique port stay option.

For now, we have asked voyagers to hold off on any independent travel planning for Mauritius or Mozambique. For more information about the Spring 2020 program, please visit the voyage page.

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