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All Aboard for the Activity Fair

The Semester at Sea Program offers students a wide array of exciting opportunities designed to enhance their academic experience while onboard the MV Explorer.

The Activity Fair, held on June 18, presented students and lifelong learners with a chance to join an eclectic mix of diverse extracurricular clubs and activities.

From intramurals to service programs to a chance to experience social time with the many families on board, students will develop a strong sense of community while living and learning together on board the MV Explorer.

“Much like their land campuses, students really enjoy out of class experiences and need opportunities in which they can connect and engage with each other around their interests and hobbies,” ¬†said Stacey Miller, Dean of Students. ¬†”The Activity Fair is an opportunity to create and participate in hobbies and activities and be a part of organizations they would normally engage in their land campuses and serves as a way to bond, connect and to get to know each other.”

Some of the interesting clubs and activities participants have joined include intramural sports, yoga, The Sign Language Club, The Improv Group and The Talent Show Committee, social identity groups such as the LGBTQ Group, and religion and faith groups, such as Fridays At Sea, (Friday night Shabbat dinners), plus a few fun activities like Swing Dance Club.

Emily Cobb, from Vanguard University, signed up for intramurals, the exercise program and the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. ¬†”I’m really excited to work out on the ship, and happy to keep up with my exercise program as I do at home. I’m also really excited about The Sign Language Club. I‚Äôve always wanted to learn that language.”

“I’m really excited about spending time with some of the families on board and learning about their journeys while on the voyage,” said¬†Kelsey Sheehan, who graduated from Colorado State in May, and signed up for intramurals and The Extended Family Club.

If your club or hobby hasn’t been created yet, why not try the B.Y.O.C. (Bring Your Own Club) and start your own?

Ankit Baga, a Computer Science major from the University of Virginia, joins one of the many activities and clubs available to all participants of the Summer 2013 Voyage.
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