Chapman Impact Program Scholarship

Scholarship Information


  • One multi-day, overnight Field Class (4-days + 4-nights)
  • One 3-credit course
  • Top applicants also receive $3,500 toward voyage program fees

Voyages: Spring and Fall

Eligibility: All Students

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Want to learn more about international NGOs and do something meaningful and unique while in port — for free? Interested in what Semester at Sea is doing to give back to the places and people we visit? Interested in exploring the concept of sustainable and responsible tourism and delving into the complexities of international development? Apply to join the Chapman Impact Cohort!

The Chapman Impact Cohort (approx. ~15–25 students) will travel together on one custom multi-day, overnight Field Class (4-days + 4-nights) to visit and support partner NGOs (which are being funded in part by Semester at Sea). The Cohort will work together during at-sea days to learn about relevant concepts, prepare for each visit, and reflect and process after the Field Class. The Cohort will be led by a Semester at Sea faculty member and in Fall 2023 transcripts will appear as INST 200 Interdisciplinary Approaches to Globalization (3 credits).

This exclusive multi-night Field Class experience is available only to the students selected for the Fall 2023 Chapman Impact Cohort. The top applicants will also receive an additional $3,500 tuition reduction.

Expectations & Commitments


This merit-based scholarship is open to all students. Demonstration of financial need is optional but will be taken into consideration in the selection of finalists. Applications will be evaluated on demonstrated leadership potential, self and global awareness, a passion for change, and academic involvement.

Important note: Some courses could have a required Field Class that conflicts with the scheduled Impact Field Class dates. Therefore, students who register in a course with a Field Class during the same time will not be able to participate in the Impact Cohort.


Our vision is to harness the power and potential of travel for the collective good. Through the generous financial support of the Chapman Family Foundation, Semester at Sea is excited to launch the Impact Project to help further this vision. At its core, this project is about:

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