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ISE President and CEO Scott Marshall Launches New Leadership Podcast, “AS UNEXPECTED: Leading in an Uncertain World”

In a complicated, inter-connected and fast-changing world, leadership is more crucial – and challenging – than ever. If there’s anything those leading teams or organizations can expect, it’s the unexpected. 

That’s a truism that Institute for Shipboard Education President and CEO Scott Marshall has long been exploring in his university teaching, professional experience and, more recently, podcast conversations. His new podcast, “AS UNEXPECTED: Leading in an Uncertain World,” debuted today with the first of many planned conversations with leaders, entrepreneurs, authors and others offering insights, strategies, and inspiration.

With a wealth of experience in global education and leadership development, Marshall brings executive leadership, education and research perspectives, seeking out and helping share practical advice and innovative solutions for today’s leaders.

“AS UNEXPECTED: Leading in an Uncertain World” will feature engaging interviews with prominent leaders, entrepreneurs, and visionaries who have successfully navigated challenges and embraced change in their respective fields. Through candid conversations, guests will share their experiences, lessons learned, and strategies for thriving in uncertain times.

The first three episodes feature Semester at Sea alumni including:

  • Episode 1: Jenny Lewis, Chief Marketing Officer and President, The Knot Worldwide
  • Episode 2: Zubin Davar, Vice President of Business Development and Customer Success,
  • Episode 3: T’Keyah Andrews, Vice President, Fairness Programs, Citi

While this is not a Semester at Sea podcast, listeners can expect to routinely hear from program alumni covering a wide range of topics, including crisis management, vision and innovation, wellness, diversity and inclusion, and the future of leadership. 

“As I used to tell my students, and as we certainly know at Semester at Sea, leadership and life is all about flexibility and responding thoughtfully, creatively and aggressively to the challenges that will inevitably arise–and surprise,” said Marshall. “This podcast is all about uncovering and sharing those experiences and lessons. I used to get to do that in the classroom. I do it weekly, if not daily, in my current role. And, now, I’m glad to get to share these experiences, insights and learnings with an even wider audience.” 

“AS UNEXPECTED: Leading in an Uncertain World” available today on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and on YouTube.

Subscribe and sign up for Scott’s bi-weekly AS UNEXPECTED newsletter at 

For media inquiries or interview requests, please contact Jason Hughes, VP of Marketing and Recruitment at or (970) 672-0829. 

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