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Spring 2020 Voyage: Disembarkation Update

Over the last few days, our senior leadership team, health and safety advisors, Captain Kostas, and the shipboard leadership team have discussed the progression of the coronavirus and subsequent national and international agency recommendations. We also acknowledge the concerns of our voyagers, their family members, and their university advisors. Based on these discussions, and attending to the CDC’s latest statement regarding education abroad, we have made two significant changes to the Spring 2020 Voyage.

These changes prioritize (1) our voyagers’ health and safety and (2) their ability to complete the academic program.

First, in order to meet these priorities, it is clear that another alteration to the voyage itinerary is the best course of action. In an effort to have the highest possible assurance of disembarking all voyagers in Amsterdam, the voyage will proceed from Cape Town to Las Palmas (Canary Islands). Port agents and our ship management company provided us with strong counsel that increased scrutiny on cruise ships in northern Europe arriving from any non-European port may lead to a two-week quarantine. The Canary Islands are a territory of Spain and provide a much more certain path to successful completion of the academic program and voyage. Following a two-day stay in Las Palmas, the ship will sail to Amsterdam and the Spring 2020 Voyage will end on April 12 at the Passenger Cruise Terminal, Amsterdam.

Second, we decided to accelerate the academic program so that all coursework will be completed by arrival in Las Palmas. Importantly, the required contact hours to meet the accreditation standards to which Colorado State University is held will be maintained in this accelerated format.

Based on these two changes, voyagers have two options from which to choose:

OPTION 1: Remain with the voyage beyond Las Palmas and end in Amsterdam, on April 12. Since all coursework will be finished by arrival in Las Palmas, voluntary shipboard community programming (alumni ball, guest lecturers, and convocation, for example) is planned for the remaining sea days until arrival in Amsterdam.
OPTION 2: Complete the academic program by April 3 and receive full academic credit. Students will then voluntarily leave the program in Las Palmas.

Updated Itinerary

Please see the updated itinerary below and a link to the updated academic calendar.

  • March 14-23:¬†Cape Town, South Africa
  • March 24-April 3:¬†Accelerated academic programming
  • April 4-5:¬†Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain
  • April 12:¬†Disembarkation in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Through in-depth consultations with infectious disease and policy experts and conversations with the Captain and voyage leadership team, we believe that this decision is best for our voyagers and their families. For more information about the Spring 2020 program, please visit the voyage page.

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