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Students Discuss "Arab Spring" & Recent Events in Middle East

A panel of students discuss the events of the Arab Spring, sharing their personal stories to a large audience.

The political atmosphere throughout the Middle East has reached a critical point, but the events that have lead us to where we are today began many months ago, in a time often referred to as the “Arab Spring.” In this interesting and introspective podcast, Semester at Sea students discuss the events of the Arab Spring, a timely topic that is relevant to the protests currently happening in¬†the Middle East and North Africa.

Listen as students share their personal stories, reactions and thoughts as we delve further into the events of the Arab Spring and the current political climate in certain Middle Eastern nations.

* Podcast edited and composed by Rebecca Ferlotti of John Carroll University *

Beelan Yonas, a political science major from the University of Virginia, shares her thoughts on the events of the Arab Spring.
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