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Sustainability at sea this World Oceans Day


This World Oceans Day—Friday, June 8—Semester at Sea is thrilled to announce a new initiative focused on environmental health, sustainability, and education, made possible by the generous support of Drs. Lisa Braun Glazer and Jeffery Glazer, Ed. D.

The new program, which will begin to be implemented during the Fall 2018 Voyage, will focus on education and environmental health both in-country and at sea. In addition to a renewed commitment to sustainability aboard the MV World Odyssey, Semester at Sea will also be implementing a new series of field programs centered on environmental service and ocean conservation.

For the Fall 2018 Voyage, three new field programs will be offered to voyagers: Marine Pollution and Dolphin Rescue in Barcelona, Coral Reef Conservation in Mauritius, and Sustainable Coastlines clean-up in Hawaii (see video at the top of the page). In all three programs, voyagers will work closely with local organizations that understand the threat communities and wildlife face due to pollution. Students will gain invaluable hands-on experience learning what they, as global citizens, can do to make a difference.

Each field program will be available to voyagers for a modest fee of $25, all of which goes to support the organizations Semester at Sea has partnered with in-country.

The Glazers with Max Brandt, Chief Academic Officer Emeritus of Semester at Sea

“I love the ocean and know that the health of our planet depends on it – in fact, every breath we take derives from the ocean,” said Dr. Braun Glazer in a statement. “Things are at the point that the ocean cannot restore its balance and is in deep trouble due to the tons of toxins and plastic that have accumulated over the past half-century and threaten to overtake it. Semester at Sea students need to understand the truth of the situation, especially given that half of each voyage is spent on the ocean.”


“We have seen the positive impact that our students have made in the world once they understand the problems they encounter in the countries they visit. Similarly, we hope that they will take the knowledge they acquire and use it to positively impact the planet. Their future depends on it.”

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