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Top-Ten Tuesdays: Preparing for the Voyage

As a new installment, the Semester at Sea blog will be featuring a Top-Ten list each Tuesday which highlights a different aspect of this study abroad program.  Many of the lists will be compiled by conducting polls, both formally and informally, of the shipboard community.  For our first feature, we asked students, faculty, staff and Lifelong Learners what they did to prepare for the journey.  The answers are in no particular order, with the exception of number ten, which was a student favorite.

  1. Make copies of passports, Driver’s Licenses, vaccination cards, visas, credit cards and insurance cards.  Leave one set of copies with someone trusted at home, and bring one set on the ship
  2. Speak to people who had sailed on previous voyages about what to expect
  3. Create a budget to maximize the opportunities in which one can participate
  4. Bring snacks
  5. Attend send-off parties, open-ships, and welcome receptions prior to sailing to meet the community, and when possible, view the MV Explorer
  6. Stock up on books, playing cards and other “wireless” means of entertainment
  7. Start a blog to share the voyage with those at home
  8. Compare packing lists with other voyagers
  9. Learn to pack light (or not pack light and get some strength training in)
  10. Check the voyage Facebook group often and ask questions on the wall*

*We are glad you found it helpful.  The Facebook group for the current voyage can be found here:  Those of you preparing for Spring 2012, be sure to check  for updates and useful tips.

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