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Student Photo Gallery: Mauritius

Though we were only in Mauritius for one day, students were quickly able to reach all corners of this tiny country in the middle of the Indian Ocean.  Predominantly French-speaking with a large Hindu and Muslim population, Mauritius has a rich culture with a fascinating history, and is known for its beautiful beaches and waterfalls.  Below are some of the pictures submitted by our shipboard community:

Student looking at the harbor in Port Louis as the ship arrives in Mauritius.  Photo by Bailey Barry, University of Iowa.
Mauritius is known for some of the most beautiful beaches  in the world.  Here, a man walks towards the water in Grand Baie in the northern part of the country.  Photo by Brendan Poutier, Oxnard College.
(Left) A view from the 272ft tall Chamarel Waterfall.  Photo by Cassie Carte, Sonoma State University. (Right) Still life on a local boat.  Photo by Araminta Pardoe, Syracuse University.
Busy market with fresh foods in Port Louis.  Photo by Photo by Anne-Marie Kottenstette, Colorado State University.
Lord Shiva presides over the crater lake at Ganga Talao temple.  Photo by Cassie Carte, Sonoma State University.
Offerings to Hindu gods at a Shiva Temple.  Photo by Jieqi Lin, Shantou University.
(Left): Multiple coconut sculptures, including one of the famous yet extinct dodo bird, which was once found roaming the Island of Mauritius.  Photo by Jieqi Lin, Shantou University. (Right) Mauritius is a prime diving spot as shown in this picture by Kendall Umetsu, Colorado State University.
A whale’s tail breaches the water as seen from a catamaran. ¬†Anna Stone.¬†West Virginia University.
Mauritius has some of the most beautiful, turquoise water in the world.  Photo by Brendan Poutier, Oxnard College.
Old and new buildings co-exist in Port Louis, the largest city in Mauritius.  Photo by Samantha Steindel-Cymer, Moorpark College.
The view from the back of the ship as students trickle back home near the end of our stay in port.  Photo by Danny Askew, Unreasonable Media.

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