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Student Photo Gallery: Myanmar

The Spring 2013 voyage had the incredible opportunity to spend time in Myanmar recently, a country that for many years was too contentious for Semester at Sea to visit.  The country is now more open than any time in the last several decades, and students were able to capture the beauty of the place through their photography.  Here is a small sample of the thousands of pictures we received from the shipboard community.

A school boy looks out a classroom window, his face painted with Thanaka paste made from ground bark that protects his skin from the sun. Photo by Cory MacDonald, University of Colorado Boulder.
Crossing over the U Bein bridge in Mandalay, the longest wooden bridge in the world. Photo by Danny Askew, Unreasonable Media.
(Left) An artisan works on making a parasol at a workshop in Panthein. Photo by Meghan Lukens, University of Colorado Boulder; (Right) A young monk takes a photo of a Buddha statue with a smartphone. Photo by Megan Kiley, University of Tampa.
A fisherman on Inle Lake rows his boat in the traditional style using his leg. Photo by Dana Drake, Cabrini College.
(Left) Horse and Pagoda in Bagan.  Photo by Brendan Poutier, Oxnard College. (Right) Another view of the Crossing over the U Bein bridge in Mandalay.  Photo by Raj Patel, Somerset Community College
A teenage monk in Thanlyin. Photo by Rico Andrade.
A farmer tills his land next to a temple in Bagan. Photo by Brendan Poutier, Oxnard College.
A monkey discovers a distaste for discarded RedBull at Mt. Popa. Photos by Chenxi Ouyang, Boston University
A passenger boards an often-crowded bus in busy Yangon. Photo by Bailey Barry, University of Iowa.
An elephant reaches out to say hello at the Yangon Zoo. Many students had the opportunity to interact with elephants during their time in Burma. Photo by Rico Andrade.
(Left) Burmese child sells corn.  Photo by Jessica Kagan, George Mason University.  (Right) Young monks having some fun.  Photo by Andi Morris, University of Wisconsin РMadison.
Incense and prayer candles at the Shwedagon Pagoda . Photo by Anna Stone. West Virginia University.
(Left) A post office in Myanmar. Photo by Michelle Chiu, University of California РDavis.  (Right) A young child prays to Buddha.  Photo by Megan Kiley, University of Tampa.
Sunrise at a Pagoda in Yangon. Photo by Julie Zheng, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law.

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