Spring 2022 | Mediterranean Exploration

TH 345 Global Theatre [CRN 19477]

Overview of Course

This class examines the theatre and traditions from a variety of cultures, some of which we will see first-hand on this voyage. Some of these forms share a common European roots, and most developed both independently and interdependently. Theatre has flourished world-wide for millennia; this course introduces many of the its forms and traces its development.
Each port we visit has a culture has shaped and is shaped by performance of theatre, dance, opera, puppetry, and festivals. We will look in-depth and in-person the rich diversity of performance in China, Vietnam, India, South Africa, Brazil, Morocco, and Spain, discuss how they compares and contrast it to theatre styles, themes, and conventions of other each other, how it expresses and informs each of our cultures, and discover how our personal expectations might change by what we’ve learned and seen first-hand.