Course Requirements

All students register in one (and only one) Global Comparative Lens course, plus three standard courses, for a total of four courses, or 12 credits. Each non-Lens* course has an in-country Field Lab, which you must consider when planning your schedule. (*Note that the International Marketing Lens has labs.) Each course is three credits. Lower-division courses are designated with 1000- and 2000-level numbers; upper-division courses are 3000- and 4000-level.

The Global Comparative Lens Series

All students enroll in one (and only one) Global Comparative Lens course. Lens courses help you deepen your understanding of life and culture in the countries that we visit. Each course views the countries through a distinct lens, such as art, music, religion, politics, environment, or health. These courses are designed to take maximum advantage of your opportunity to learn to think critically about your own society and others through comparison. Spring 2015 Lens courses (with the exception of International Marketing) do not have Field Labs.