• Each course is three credits except where noted.
  • Students are required to register for a total of 9 credit hours, or 3 classes.
  • Lower division courses are designated with 1000- and 2000-level course numbers.
  • Upper division courses are designated with 3000- and 4000-level course numbers.

The Global Comparative Lens Series

The distinctive feature of Semester at Sea is the opportunity it affords students to engage in global comparative education. On each voyage, Semester at Sea offers a set of Global Comparative Lens courses that are designed to help students deepen their understanding of specific features of life and culture in the countries we visit on a given itinerary. Each course views the countries through a distinct lens—focusing on the art, music, religion, politics, environment, health, or other specific aspect of the countries we visit. These courses are designed to take maximum advantage of the opportunity to learn to think critically about their own societies and others by comparing. We ask each voyager to choose one (and only one) course from among the Global Comparative Lens courses that best matches his or her academic interests. Enrollment in a Global Comparative Lens course is mandatory. 


Summer 2014 course registration will take place online via the MyPassport page. Important updates will be posted here; please check back often.

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Registration Deadlines

  • Course registration typically takes place three months before the voyage sails.
  • All confirmed students will receive important information regarding course registration via email.